Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Update of my life!

Wow, Its been a while!
Kyle: Kyle last month was offered a job with his company in Corporate Office as a National Marketing Manager in Clearwater, FL. We debated taking the job for over a week and everything was working out perfect. It was almost a YES until the guy called back and told us how much the position paid. It would be about the same he makes now BUT I wouldn't be able to work because it was a full time travel job. So we would be losing out on my income so therefore, we would be taking a significant pay cut. We were way bummed. We even had a cash offer on our house and we weren't even trying to sell it. Anyways, we are still here in our cute little home doing the same job and traveling to Disney next week.

Heather: I am still working at the ER. I'm a busy mom of two crazy busy kids. Yep, that about sums up my life.

Bailey: Bailey is 5 and started Kindergarten this August. She is kinda loving school. As we all know she loves to be dramatic. She tells me everyday that she doesn't want to go to school but once she is there, she is very happy and does great at school. She was upset one day because she brought show n tell on the wrong day and the teacher told her she didn't listen and it wasn't her day and Bailey was so sad because she said she is the best kid in class and she ALWAYS listens!! It was cute. Bailey is in gymnastics and is trying to master her cartwheels. She is learning to read as well. She wears size 5/6 clothes, 11.5 shoe. weights about 43 lbs, and about 46 inches tall. Her hair is finally growing long and she has still never had a real haircut. I have trimmed the very very bottom a few times is all. She is a chocoholic and never wants to eat real food. She could drink milk all day if I let her. We have limited it to 3 cups a day. And she now has to do chores to earn her chocolate chips! She will sometimes eat Mac n cheese, grilled cheese, string cheese, and broccoli. Notice a theme to her foods?

Easton: Oh Easton. What a sweet little boy. He is now 2 1/2 and still drools through 3 shirts a day. He could still wear bibs full time but its a little embarrassing. He is obsessed with Baseball! And also loves basketball, football, and anything else sporty. He also loves motorcycles, fire trucks, big trucks, red trucks, blue trucks, buses, airplanes, helicopters, ambulances, and anything that moves. He loves his little red balance bike and helmet and rides it every day. He wears his helmet to play baseball and even in the car. He still isn't the clearest of talkers but I think he has a lazy tongue hence the drooling issue. He stopped drinking milk when I took the bottle away and now will only drink apple juice in a sippy cup. He wants it at all hours of the day and asks all day long in the cutest voice if he can have "more apple juice Mommy?" He is very polite. He always says Thank you to everyone. Its the sweetest thing. Easton wears size 2/3 and size 8 shoe. He weighs 33 lbs and he likes to eat hamburger helper, baby food, cheese, mac n cheese, oatmeal, sausage, and anything that is not vegetables. When we find something he likes, he will eat SO much. Its amazing how much this kid can throw down. He is very OCD about his routine. He has to have his blanket and binky attached to his left shoulder, he has to sit in the middle couch cushion with nothing touching it. When he runs through the kitchen and a drawer is out of place, he stops and closes it, and then keeps running. He cleans up the bath toys before getting out, and hates trash on the floor. He is my neat boy. He loves to cuddle with mommy and his favorite song is La La Loo! It almost mesmerizes him. He is still sleeping in his crib and is not potty trained but will pee on the toilet every time I sit him on the toilet. He lost his front tooth a few months ago by hitting it on the crib so that was great, Not! He still doesn't have his back molars. He wakes up in the mornings and we turn on cartoons and he will sit and watch them while we go back to bed for a lil bit. He is such a chill kid and I couldn't have asked for a better son.

We are thinking about having another little bambino here soon. So maybe there will be another update soon!

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